Mary Dodd and Lilian Prosser: video

Mary Dodd & Lilan Prosser from Castle Park Stories on Vimeo.

This film features interviews with Lilian Prosser and Mary Dodd, both of whom have served the local community in long-standing jobs, one at the top and one at the bottom of the hill. Lilian worked for Atkinson’s from 1937 to 2004. She is interviewed at the Priory Hall by Kathryn Pink.

Mary has worked as a guide at The Cottage Museum since it opened in 1978. She is interviewed inside the museum by Claire Massey.

The film is by Tally Kapadia from Morph Films.

Many thanks to Lilian Prosser, Ian Steel and all the staff at Atkinson’s, and to Mary Dodd, Anthea Purkiss and Lancashire Museums.

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