History is made of stories. Whose those stories are, how they are uncovered, and how they are told is not something we often consider as we go about our day-to-day lives in an area so rich with history.

Since the beginning of January, a group of intrepid and resourceful local people have been investigating hidden stories in the area around Lancaster Castle. During their research, participants worked with writers, a photographer, historians, archivists and designers to explore new and interesting ways to share what they’ve discovered.

At its heart, this exhibition is about the desire to uncover hidden stories and to share a glimpse of the history of everyday life on one Lancaster hill. We hope it will encourage you to look more closely at the history all around you and to seek out stories wherever they may be found.

Castle Park Stories is a Litfest project supported by The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Litfest wish to thank:
The many participants and local residents who have been involved throughout the various stages of the project. Your enthusiasm and dedication to the project have been an inspiration.

The staff of Lancaster Castle, Lancaster Maritime Museum, Judges’ Lodgings, The Cottage Museum, Lancaster City Museum, Lancashire Archives, The Centre for North West Regional Studies and Lancaster Library. Also, The Priory and Parish Church of St Mary, Lancaster, Lancaster Quaker Meeting, and Dr Andrew White.

The creative professionals who have helped bring the project and exhibition to fruition:
Jonathan Bean, Kate Feld, Emma Rucastle, Shaun Blezard, Tally Kapadia, Morph Films.

Exhibition designers: Hayley Alter and Sarah Pickard.

The Litfest team: Claire Massey, Maria Major, Dawn Diaz and Andy Darby.

Litfest are supported by Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council.